GCSEs: KEVI celebrates GCSE results

Year 11 students at Spilsby’s King Edward VI Academy, part of the David Ross Education Trust, have been celebrating after receiving their long-awaited GCSE results today. 


Jo Myhill-Johnson, Principal at King Edward VI Academy, said: “At King Edward VI Academy our students are encouraged to work hard and fulfil their ambitions, and we have seen so many incredible achievements today.


“We are particularly pleased that we have once again seen a significant increase in the number of students achieving the highest grades across a range of subjects. The proportion of Grades 9 to 7 in English and Maths has doubled in the last twelve months, with students also excelling across the sciences.” 


Amongst those celebrating was Ethan Lamming, who achieved a Grade 9 in Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science, an A* in Further Maths, a Grade 7 in Geography and Art, and a Grade 6 in English Literature and English Language. He said: “I am so pleased with my results and I’m looking forward to studying for my A Levels.”


Jessica Games was also celebrating after receiving her results. Jessica, who achieved two Grade 9s in Combined Science, a Distinction * in Business Studies, a Grade 8 in Maths, a Grade A in Further Maths, and a Grade 7 in English Literature, English Language and Geography, commented: “I am so happy with my results, especially my Science result! I can’t wait to start my A levels at King Edward VI Academy in September.”


Dean Foster was delighted to discover he had secured a Grade 8 in English Literature, Maths and Computer Science, a Grade 7 in Biology, Chemistry and Geography, a B in Further Maths and a Grade 6 in History.


Finley Holderness and Sam Taylor were also pleased with their results. Both students have made significant progress during their time at King Edward VI Academy by exceeding their targets and achieving some of the very best grades. 


Finley, who achieved a Grade 8 in Biology, Chemistry and History, a Grade 7 in English Literature and a Grade 6 in Geography, commented: “I am so happy with my results and my hard work has paid off!”


Sam, who achieved a Distinction * in Performing Arts, a Grade 7 in English Literature and Maths, and a Grade 6 in History and Computer Science, said: I am overwhelmed! I am very happy that I will now be joining our Sixth Form in September to continue my studies.”


Rowena Hackwood, Chief Executive Officer at the David Ross Education Trust, said: “At the David Ross Education Trust, we are proud to offer our students a rich and exciting learning environment that inspires them to become their confident, academic best. 


“We are delighted to see our students receive their GCSE results today. From here, they can progress into the world of further education, employment and work towards their successful futures with confidence.”


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